Youth Charity MUN 2020

Message from the YCMUN Secretariat

Welcome to Youth Charity MUN! 

We are proud to introduce our international online Model United Nations Conference for high school students around the world. During this unprecedented time, our mission is to empower youth through MUN to mobilise change on both a communal and international level. To that end, all proceeds from this conference will be donated towards philanthropic means.

We are pleased to offer an online environment where students can work together at the highest academic standards to learn about and promote human development and international cooperation, in accordance with the principles and purposes of the United Nations. YCMUN serves as an excellent means to improve delegates’ confidence and proficiency in public-speaking, academic research, and writing, and acts as a platform to create international connections with ambitious, like-minded individuals. 

Orchestrated by our highly experienced Secretariat, YCMUN fosters leadership and positive engagement through the discussion and debate of the world’s most pressing problems. Under the direction of our Co-Secretary Generals, with award-winning delegate experience from internationally-recognised conferences such as Harvard MUN and Oxford Global MUN, our internationally-based Secretariat members, hailing from 7 different countries, are committed to creating a rewarding and engaging MUN experience. In tandem with our experienced Secretariat, YCMUN is proud to introduce our carefully-selected Executive Board, ready to bring you an academically-sound, online conference like no other!

It is with great sincerity that we ask for your support and participation in Youth Charity MUN 2020! We look forward to seeing you there. Stay updated on our Instagram page (@youthcharitymun) to be the first to know about delegate sign-up, committee topics, and exclusive keynote speakers!

Why choose YCMUN?

Our staff is dedicated to making YCMUN one of the most academically-sound and rewarding online Model UN conferences for high school students all around the world. Our unique committees are a fit for any delegate – experienced or new to MUN. From topics such as the Iran-Iraq War Joint Crisis to Harry Potter, nothing short of an incredible conference experience is guaranteed.

Contact Us

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